“Normally, I have to rent a truck and spend a full day of travel away from my company to pick up the bison hides I need for many of my wool products. DropTrip helps me easily connect with people already coming my way to pick up what I need, saving me so much time and money.”
Jennifer Olsson, Owner of Montana Sweater Co.
“DropTrip has been a great time and money saver for getting my books shipped to retail distributors. Rather than have to make a special trip myself, I can send the books with a DropTrip traveler already going there. It’s fun to meet new people, saves me money, and it gives me more time to ski and work on my other businesses.”
Ben Werner, Author & Publisher, Backcountry Skiing Bozeman and Big Sky
“Need to get something from A to B? Don’t want to incur the expensive costs of freight shipping or UPS/FedEx? DropTrip is your answer! I just had two boxes from Bozeman delivered safe and securely!”
Steve Dee Dogiakos, Graphic designer/Entrepreneur, Activist, Politician
“I normally have to drive all the way from Bozeman, MT to Seattle, WA to get the Korean ingredients I need to make my delicious food. I am so happy with DropTrip that they can pick up the ingredients I need instead of me having to go all the way to Seattle myself.”
I-Ho Pomeroy, Owner of I-Ho’s Korean Grill
“I traveled from Kalispell, MT to Bozeman, MT, to visit friends. I chose a delivery on the site, and away I went. I made some extra money delivering coffee to Bozeman for some great people on a trip I was already taking anyways. I’m looking forward to using DropTrip every time I travel!”
Lisa Reid, Graphic Designer | Traveler
“Breakage is a huge issue for us, and we often have problems with our products breaking when we ship them via normal shipping. Using DropTrip has given us so much peace of mind when shipping our products. This is phenomenal.”
Joyce Previte, Owner of Grandma Hoot Products